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Welsh Harp Sailing Association

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Extension to the L-shaped pontoon

The Association have been working hard on your behalf to change the layout of the pontoons. The L shaped pontoon to the east of the main one has had a new section added to extend it by 11 metres. The aim is to provide more space on the East side of the pontoons in a West wind. A slipway is being added on the East side of this pontoon which will allow boats to be launched from that side. The work on the slipway has been delayed by the bad weather and by the state of the ground which is made of the remains of war damaged buildings. We discovered a massive lump of concrete which had to be broken up. The Canal and River Trust, our landlords, were helpful in lowering the water to allow us to start the work but eventually we had to bring the water back to its normal level. This meant that we have to keep the water out long enough to lay concrete and we are discoverng how determined water is to get through barriers.

Tree Clearance

Comparing photographs of the Welsh Harp from the past with the present shows how the area to the North has been reforested. The Canal and River Trust want to reduce the number of trees as do Brent Borough Council - it is, apparently, better for wild life to have a diversity of landscape i.e. some clear areas. Not surprisingly we agree. Neither CRT nor Brent have the resources to carry out this work so we have offered to help.
At the moment the plan is to take out smaller trees along the river bank leaving a few larger, established trees. We cannot do this while the birds are nesting which they do from March to August so we intend to do one trial at the end of February and then continue at the end of the year.

Work on the headbank

Most members will not even know what the Headbank is but it is basically the area behind the dam. The WHSA have a duty to keep the area clear so that CRT can inspect their dam. We have traditionally used the area as a dumping ground but an aim has always been to put it into the state where it is easy to maintain. So this year we have created a pathway along the back of the clubs and landscaped the area so that it can be easily maintained with lawn mowers rather than people breaking their ankles trying to strim or brush cut the area. Kieran O'Farrell has been very useful in helping to carry out this work.

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